What are We? PHöNIX!


Ashes to Asses…

PHöNIX, the fabulous bird of the oriental tradition or the 90´s actor who died of a speed-ball overdose in L.A.? The Order of the Phoenix or the NWO? Oh no, don´t tell me! the 90´s french band…could be…esotheric stuff…yes, this too…uhm…what else?



Maybe in a sticker?

PHöNIX  – Basses for Asses

instead of super-star dj/anes, support your local idols
instead of shopping, begin to do it by yourself…

Instead of drugs you can buy art (or both).
instead of nonsense music, let´s dance and dance and dance!

we support our idea of beauty, also when is a little too weird…
don´t leave your attitude at home!

3 dancefloors, a secret garden, a performer introducing the music,
techno-hard techno-a decompression room with selected electronics…

live artist and performers, photographers, producers and designers,
everyone is invited to do his own thing.

PHöNIX is gonna start the 9th of September, it´s more than a month and we want to take it easy and to leave a little bit of suspense, or better said, of suspect!

Artist/Innen from the local techno and from hard techno, industrial, noize experimental and dub.techno, dubstep, deep and duby tech house. you can find us almost everywhere but what we like most is the streets. look at the corners, in the u-bahn tunnels, between anonymous tags over the wall in front of you, while walking back home, humbling with a dead head fashion which makes you that very zombie from the movies finally be real! when you are at your weakest point, that moment you will see us.

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