PHöNIX 1st Act @ Mensch Meier 9-9-16

PHöNIX 1st Act – 9.9.2016
from 11 pm to 11 am. here
Due to a overbooking, we have no longer Darkam with us, some other thing has changed too.
Sorry about that, but shit happens anyway…
We have instead MAD KATE ( with a double performance at the very beginning, after the exhibition taking place from 23.00, and at the peak time…so don ´t be late. Early birds are going to pay just a minimum 5€ spende (donation) from 23 to 24.
Support your local Dj/ane and leave your computer at home!

A3_01-versione2_webprogram and line up:

h 23:00 – Art Exhibition: Vasco Brighi & Oscar Maio

h 24:00 – 2nd floor
ANNA BOLENA (Buttons/Idroscalo Dischi)
all night long extended dj set

h 01:00 – Main floor:
MYK DERILL (Gynoid/Diffuse Reality)

KONIK POLNY (BerlinInvasion/PHöNIX)

SUIT KEI (Witches are Back/PHöNIX)


FRANZÜSS (Sabotage Bln/PHöNIX)

Visual: CLAER (BerlinInvasion)

H 24:00 – 3rd floor:
Female in Music
MÄI (Japan/Berlin)
PROVVIDENZA (Italy/Berlin)
IDA (Poland/Berlin)
Visual: Francesca Pizzalis (Witches Are Back)

SECRET GARDEN from h 07:00 AM


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