PHöNiX 7.April 2017 TimeTable


00-03 Control Delete

03-06 Manuel Münster

06-09 Mar/us

09-12 Franzüss


01-03 Ranzfanz

03-05 Kaoslog

05-07 Vinside

07-10 Ida


PHöNiX RISING 7. 4. 2017 Location undisclosed, Kreuzberg Bln. 24 uhr

7 april 2017 Secret Location Berlin Kreuzberg.
with Manuel Münster (Escapism) Mar/us (GEGEN Berlin) Franzüss and Control Delete (Phönix Berlin), VJ Visual Bombing (VJ-Video Mapping) in the mainfloor.
IDa Berlin, Kaoslog-Pierluigi Di Camillo, Ranzfanz, Vinside in the experimental/hard tek-room, plus “Moon Park” chill out area and a cool outdoor space.
For location infos and/or demo submissions, join our FB page
or write here:

GEGEN 666th B-Day@KITKAT Club 6.1.2017 – Franzüss opening time 23-02 Uhr

the most infamous queer underground party, a place to be in order to satisfy curiosity, various urges…and the taste for dancing.
From pure club techno to the latest bruit sonorities, a crowded place
with a superlative audience and so many features:
-Free wardrobe, Free Tasteful Shots for the first 100 comers, Free Fruits Buffets, Pool, Five Lounges, Fetish Balconades, An Underground Hospital skies and hells for all the fallen angels celebrating the 666th GEGEN BIRTHDAY.

GEGEN´s Crew spared no efforts to give you the ultimate party experience and so will I: Franzüss will warm up the main floor from 23 to 2 Uhr.

Enjoy Blasphemy, Come to 6E6EN 666th B-Day Bash.

Who is Franzüss?

02_2Since 2003 on european dancefloors  as DJ, dancer and party-maker. Many lifetimes and many sounds: illegal hard tekno tribe nomadism in early ages, drum n bass selector in Rome, on the road to Berlin enlightened by the phag side of electro-clash, i finally arrived to techno classix for the love of circular time and fetichist attraction for rounded slamming kicks.

From 2008 till 2010 resident of Sabotage Berlin, and many other projects. My latest party is called PHöNIX.

PHöNIX will start  from January the 12, every Thursday at AVA CLUB Warschauerstrasse, 11 pm.

PHöNIX 1st Act @ Mensch Meier 9-9-16

PHöNIX 1st Act – 9.9.2016
from 11 pm to 11 am. here
Due to a overbooking, we have no longer Darkam with us, some other thing has changed too.
Sorry about that, but shit happens anyway…
We have instead MAD KATE ( with a double performance at the very beginning, after the exhibition taking place from 23.00, and at the peak time…so don ´t be late. Early birds are going to pay just a minimum 5€ spende (donation) from 23 to 24.
Support your local Dj/ane and leave your computer at home!

A3_01-versione2_webprogram and line up:

h 23:00 – Art Exhibition: Vasco Brighi & Oscar Maio

h 24:00 – 2nd floor
ANNA BOLENA (Buttons/Idroscalo Dischi)
all night long extended dj set

h 01:00 – Main floor:
MYK DERILL (Gynoid/Diffuse Reality)

KONIK POLNY (BerlinInvasion/PHöNIX)

SUIT KEI (Witches are Back/PHöNIX)


FRANZÜSS (Sabotage Bln/PHöNIX)

Visual: CLAER (BerlinInvasion)

H 24:00 – 3rd floor:
Female in Music
MÄI (Japan/Berlin)
PROVVIDENZA (Italy/Berlin)
IDA (Poland/Berlin)
Visual: Francesca Pizzalis (Witches Are Back)

SECRET GARDEN from h 07:00 AM