SABOTAGE Bln. Retrospettiva 2007-2010


Sabotage no. 2
MIKZ Juli 2008. Concept: Franzüss Francesco Ciardo , graphics: Bebop Rovina.
Star of the night was WARBEAR Francesco Macarone Palmieri
from the queer-electro party called “PHAG OFF” from which
several later queer parties are derivated in the italian and in
the european scene.
On stage with him, dj Damentis (a trans dj/ane from Hamburg),
Vikkei (Lotek), Helga Pine, TKS, IDa Berlin, LT.
Intro by hip hop dj producer KAI KANI.
VJ: Oskur Garzia and Fabio Boxikus

SABOTAGE Bln. Retrospettiva 2007-2010

Posters, ideas, photos and materials from Sabotage Bln, something more than an underground party, more than a successful project. All this stuff is still talking to me about friendship, sensitiveness and passion. My friends Fabio Boxikus and Max M, were co-founders and residents VJ and Dj, respectively. But, like in a family, we were supposed to do all the job, to know how to do it, being ready to be the graphic the  promoter, the sound technician or the bouncer, switching almost chaotically from spinning to bar keeping, or booking-agent just for our big passion to do things well done,  for us first than for any other.


This stuff is going to be published randomly, without an order, just like you do when you find a box of old photos and memories from your past lives, your parents, the birth of a baby, a wedding, a woman smile in a diffuse afternoon light under a tree, maybe mom. Like for those pictures, is impossible to say which one is the most precious one, to judge who´s the most loved…whether he´s gone or still here with us.

the passion never dies. here is a testimony.

TRANSMITTER party at SCHARNI (SCHNARUP TUMBY – Scharnweberstrasse, Friedrichshain) 15. mai. 2009. Concept and graphic design FRANZÜSS, text TOXO. Transmitter is a queer party going on since 1998 at Schnarup Tumby, the dancefloor is in Katakomben (the cellar) the bar at the first level. Franzüss and Fabio made several soli parties and joined this project to support the small growing queer scene at that time.